• Hard hats.
    Big hearts.

    As contractors, it's not enough to build. We need to care about our communities.

    Contractors Who Care will focus on uniting contractors across the country to leverage pooled resources in an effort to give back to our communities. Our goal is to fundraise through a variety of events and community pledges to care. Please contact us for more information on how you can join us and help to construct a better future.


    Extend Care:

    All contributors are considered members of Contractors Who Care. Membership is a Badge of Honor that allows companies to display the CWC logo with pride on their websites, marketing materials and job sites. Brand recognition is therefore enhanced for both CWC and members. This creates an overall universally recognized symbol of caring for which our industry will be proud.

    Please stay tuned as we prepare industry fundraisers uniting us to increase awareness of our organization, distribute funds to selected charities and award the scholarship winners. All future events will be posted on the NEWS AND EVENTS section on this website.

    To make your contribution and Care today, please visit the DONATE section of this website.

    Receive Care:

    Applications from individuals and charitable organizations requesting contributions are now being accepted. Please note all applicants will be thoroughly screened by Contractors Who Care. To be eligible, organizations must be a non-profit as determined by the Internal Revenue Service 
under section 501(c) of the United States Tax Code. Religious or politically affiliated groups or organizations are not eligible for funding. The CWC board will vote on how to allocate funds raised during the calendar year.

    Please submit an application for consideration here.

  • our charities

    As we watch Contractors Who Care grow, we are committed to revisiting each area as to ensure that contributions are ideally made. We will adjust the way funds are distributed in order to make the greatest impact.

    Home at Last

    Home at Last was created to build homes for combat-wounded veterans of U.S campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. This honorable organization provides accessible homes minus the burden of a mortgage.

    The Faine House

    The Faine House was created to provide Central Florida’s young adults aging out of foster care a place to call home. This organization helps to prevent or ameliorate homelessness for these young adults by providing short-term housing and services needed to prepare for independence.

    College Scholarship

    Select funds will go towards the D.E. "Jim" Forrest Scholarship that has been created to help a student who is interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry. Applicants for the scholarship are screened based on economic need and desire to make a difference in the industry. For more information on the requirements for the Forrest Scholarship fund, please submit a contact form and note your interest in the "comments" section.

  • Our Story

    There are more than 80,000 general contractors throughout the United States, but until now, this powerful group of industry professionals did not have a dedicated philanthropic platform to give back to their communities.

    Contractors Who Care was established with the goal to unite the industry’s formidable resources and act as the conduit for channeling financial aid to worthy causes. Contributions raised by Contractors Who Care are sent directly to the residents and communities who need it most.

    Construction is one of the world’s most fundamental industries, and the cornerstone of Contractors Who Care is to make an impact in the communities where we work, live, and play. Through our organization, contractors, developers, and other industry partners will build much more than structures, they will rebuild lives, families, and communities.


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  • Applications from individuals and charitable organizations requesting contributions are now being accepted. Please complete and submit the form below in order to be considered for funding.

    CWC will notify each organization regarding their application status within 60 days of receipt of
    submission form.


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